How to pay for flower delivery in Moscow from another country?


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  How to pay for flower delivery in Moscow from another country?



Do not know how to quickly and without commission pay for flower delivery in Moscow or all of Russia from another country with a card issued by a foreign bank? Then this article is for you!How to arrange delivery and pay for flowers from another country? Pretty simple - all you need is to choose a suitable bouquet from a huge range that provides and place an order, payment can be made by bank cards that were issued in the UAE, USA, China, in the EU countries. In other words, there are no restrictions on cards at all, so you can use any foreign cards. Moreover, this can be done from anywhere in the world, payment for flowers with Cryptocurrency is available on

How to pay for flowers with a foreign card or cryptocurrency?

Thanks to the thoughtful service at, it's fast, commission-free and very easy. And if you have any questions, you can always contact consultants who will answer any question regarding not only payment, but also the entire work of the company.

A few words about the delivery of bouquets in Moscow and Russia from abroad when paying for a bouquet with a cryptocurrency or a card of a foreign bank Floristum Company provides, using the official portal, the opportunity to order flowers not only in Moscow, but throughout the Russian Federation. You can order bouquets with the fastest delivery not only to the office, but also to any address.

The company guarantees an ideal ratio in terms of the main price-quality indicator. The word "cheap" can rarely be put in one sentence with the word "quality", but has been working in this market for many years, therefore it is able to provide prices and bouquets that will always delight employees love and know how to give people joy, so if you want to make a great surprise for your dear person, then using the services of the company is a great idea, because he will receive an exquisite composition exclusively from fresh flowers. In turn, the courier will perfectly cope with his task, he will not only hand the bouquet with a smile and a great sense of humor, but will also tell you the name of the sender at your request.

Flower delivery is available in all cities of the Russian Federation around the clock! A few more words about the payment process itself, if you make it through the company's website, the funds are not debited from the card, but are frozen on the balance sheet. This was done not only for the convenience of the customer, but also for the company to be able, if necessary, to return part of the money or the entire amount without commission even on especially hot days - February 14 and March 8. The customer has the opportunity to contact not only immediately, but also within three will do everything to give the customer and recipient not only a beautiful, designer bouquet of flowers, but also a huge amount of positive emotions.


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